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Rainbow Room

Our preschool room, Rainbow room can accommodate 48 children and 6 members of staff.

All staff are aware of the importance of preparing children for their next steps this also includes the children going into full time education, for example helping them to become more independent with self help skills.      Our outdoor area is an extension of our room, we have an open door policy where the outdoor area is free to access throughout the session, where free play can be taken advantage of as well as adult led activities which are planned for are taken place. In rainbow room the children have lots of opportunities for free play and are able to choose where they would like to play and with what. We follow and extend the children's interests whenever possible and we do run along side some topics  themes  which may vary for example ‘ourselves, the seaside, transport, Space, In the community’ as well as the relevant season for the time of year and the festivals which may link for example bonfire night, Christmas, Easter, Chinese new year.                  


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