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Nursery Features

Learning Through Play


A safe and secure environment

Rainbow Nursery take the safety and security of young children very seriously, we know that parents need to feel confident that their children are well looked after and very safe. We have a secure door system where parents/ carers only gain access by being let in by a member of staff. We have secure outdoor play areas leading from all rooms. The nursery is completely open plan and there are vision panels connecting rooms so that isolation is minimised. Staff carry out daily safety checklists to ensure the children's areas are safe for use.

A happy environment

All staff have good knowledge and understanding of the EYFS curriculum and are able to deliver this by providing fun and engaging activities and experiences for the children to access. Our staff at Rainbow ensure that the children are listened too and their interests, views and opinions are taken seriously. When the children come in to the nursery they are given a key worker which will be a member of staff from their room who will become responsible for their learning and ensuring they are being academically challenged as well as forming an emotional attachment with the adult. The staff take great care to get to know your child and their individual little ways, this ensures their care is familiar to them so they immediately feel 'at home'.

Individual care plans for each child gives the staff some background information which helps them understand your child and their family life. This is important for young children as their care needs to be consistent with the care they receive at home so they continue to feel safe and secure.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

A learning environment

Each room is equipped with appropriate furniture and resources suitable for each age group to encourage active learning. We believe that children learn best by having a flexible daily routine which supports both structured adult led play and also child initiated play both indoors and out. Our aim is to develop a child's 'love of learning', we do this by introducing new and exciting activities which keep their interest and develop their concentration skills. We offer a range of opportunities for exploration and discovery so children can develop at their own pace. Staff monitor each child's individual progress and ensure there is enough challenge to keep children interested, motivated and keen to learn. On line learning journals keep you up to date with your childs progress in nursery

A sensory environment

Our very own bubble room enables small groups of children to experience a quiet calming experience while exploring the wonders of fibre optic lights, mirrors, vibrating colour changing bubble tubes and colour panels, while surrounded by relaxing music.


We offer

Full or part time spaces.
Nursery Education Grant - up to 15 hours for eligible 2 year olds, 15 hours free childcare for all 3 and 4 year olds, and up to 30 hours free childcare for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.
We offer freshly prepared healthy meals and snacks.

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